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Hayfaa Ibrahem Abdulqadar shares her experiences as a refugee who fled from Baghdad, Iraq in 2005, first to Jordan, then to Philadelphia in 2009. She came to Jordan with her husband, Bajhat Abdulwahed, and her adult daughter, who is now a news…

In this interview, Gomez discusses her move from Colombia to the United States and enrolling at West Chester University. She talks about the cultural differences between the two countries and her transition into the U.S. educational system. Gomez…

Painting of Amman, Jordan, hanging in Hayfaa Ibrahem Abduqdar's Northeast Philadelphia apartment

Apex Hosiery Strike 1937.jpg
Striking workers and sympathizers pulling down trolley poles outside the the Apex Hosiery Company plant in Philadelphia.

Victor Record Shop.jpg
Historical photo of Dominic Di Stefano, his nephew Harry, Victor founder John Di Stefano, and unidentified woman in front of the Victor Record Shop in Philadelphia, PA, superimposed on recent photo of the same location.

phlim_Mutaz Al Mudaris_image 1.jpg
Al Mudaris talks about his life, beginning with his early childhood in London, his struggles to learn Arabic in school after the family’s return to Iraq; his high school education at Baghdad College, the most prestigious school in Baghdad; the 1991…

phlim_Al Mudaris and al Saadi_image 01.jpg
Moving back and forth between their shared and separate life experiences, Dr. Malka Al Saadi and her son Mutaz Al Mudaris talk about their lives in Iraq; his education and professional life; the horrors of the 2003 Gulf War and how it devastated…

Ana Maria Roldan has been living a life full of love, ambition, and hard work to get to where she is now in Philadelphia. From moving away from Puerto Rico when she was 13 years old to Boston, and then up and down the east coast of the United States,…

Beyond the Sand Storm.jpg
Book cover, Malka Al Saadi, Beyond the Sand Storm: A Woman’s Journey From Bagdad to Philadelphia. Author House, 2016

Portrait of Rawnak, Hayfaa Ibrahem Abduqdar's daughter in her mother's apartment in Philadelphia
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