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Scrolls of the Torah are carried in circuit at the synagogue of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Broad and York sts. The ceremony marked the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the first Jewish settlers in America.

Mother Jones Phila 1903 LC use .jpg
"Mary Harris "Mother" Jones with children and adults beginning their "Children's Crusade" to walk from Philadelphia to Oyster Bay, New York, to publicize the conditions of children working in textile mills."

Spit Spreads Death.jpg
Image of a sign saying "Spit Spreads Death" during the Influenza Epidemic of 1918.

Pop Gun- 1919 Public Ledger.png
Evening Public Ledger newspaper article offers a price for a pop gun and other toys in 1919.

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This is an advertisement for a Stetson Field Corps performance.

This newspaper article details a new agreement between the hatter union and the Stetson company for an increased pension for workers over 65.

Blind man singing for money.jpg
A white blind man sings on the streets of Philadelphia for money

Flu Victim 2.jpg
Flu victim being escorted to the hospital by police.

A short newspaper article on the location and pieces of the Starr Garden Playground in Philadelphia.

The Newspaper article from 1911 discusses the first game of the year at Shibe park. (AKA Connie Mack Stadium)
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