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When he graduated from Temple University with a journalism degree in 1925, John Calpin (1904-1991) became a police reporter for The Philadelphia Bulletin. There, he witnessed first hand the impact of Prohibition on the city of Philadelphia and the…

A nurse at the bedside of a wounded soldier writing letter for him.

Kensington & Ontario, 1911 .jpg
Row houses in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia with the William Brown Mill in the distance,

A group of mixed age students pose for a photograph. They are wearing costumes and appear to be taking part in some type of play or skit. The students mostly appear to be girls. Some of the students hold props.

college_settlement_02_Almost any day.jpg
A group of mostly male children spilling out of the Settlement's front door, down the stoop and into the cobblestone street. Caption: "To be a supporter of the College Settlement means that you have a vision of brotherhood wherein no man lives unto…

bird's eye view cramp's.jpg
This photo shows a bird's-eye view of Cramp's Shipyard in Philadelphia.

577 deaths.JPG
557 new deaths, death toll at the highest in a twenty-four hour period

Exide ad 1918.jpg
Magazine advertisement for Exide

Newspaper advertisement for "I Remember When: Times Gone But Not Forgotten" radio documentary series

A picture of a neighborhood alley with children playing and a dog. Clotheslines are hanging across the alley. The mixed races typify this section of South Philadelphia where African Americans and Jewish immigrants lived side by side.
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